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This article discusses how Nahdlatul Wathan is prepared to care
for the Islamic mission and the future of the country. Also include
in some sub, this article examines the effort was done by
Nahdlatul Wathan manifest his existence, for example, as system
engineering organization that carefully conditioned with deep
and widespread benefit standard. Study of integration efforts of
the entire element, both micro as well as macro Nahdlatul
Wathan became a staple part because that social phenomenon
conspicuous in the dynamics of the Nahdlatul Wathan. Answering
some doubts, trigger the interest analyze the awareness of
Nahdlatul Wathan more conical in the post national tragedy, G-
30-S PKI. In more detail, the author loads the perception of
Nahdlatul Wathan positioning the national tragedy above as a
threat of the prestige of Republic Indonesia. The author then
observe that the Nahdlatul Wathan at the beginning of the new
orde era as it has come to a turning point to do something for his
country and nation without support of hope space "what is given
by Indonesia to Nahdlatul Wathan?". Nahdlatul Wathan in
importance of optimizing his participation build a country,
programmatically doing stages based on harakah was
destabilizing the depend mechanism of the nation, especially the
nahdliyin, so it is solid and firmly hold the national ideology as a
manifestation of "hubbul Wathan" at once as a marker of
religious settlement . These facts and phenomenon did not escape
the spotlight in this article.


Nahdlatul Wathan, Micro-Macro, The New Order Era

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Jamiluddin, J. (2018). Fenomena Sosial Mikro-Makro Nahdlatul Wathan Era Orde Baru. SANGKéP: Jurnal Kajian Sosial Keagamaan, 1(2), 198-223.


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