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Religion in cultural context in College has social magnet alacrity in
addressing every issue that settles in the life of the community,
such alacrity because all aspects of human life already exist in the
Qur'an. As a millennial manufacturer of global tastes, insightful
transformative, the student is obliged to become a catalyst for
social balance society, the sociology of religion department has
challenges and opportunities in bringing innovation are familiar
with the life of millennial. The challenge of organizing the
sociology of religion department of which is the provision of
facilities and infrastructure, adequate social laboratory, As for
opportunities such as the dynamics of the development of social
society increasingly complex certainly requires an escorts who
understand social engineering. Therefore, the existence of the
sociology of religion as a reformative agent is indispensable.


religion, culture, millennial, sociology of religion, industrial revolution

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Nuruddin, N. (2018). Agama dan Budaya Milineal: Tantangan dan Peluang Prodi Sosiologi Agama di Era Revolusi Industri 4.0. SANGKéP: Jurnal Kajian Sosial Keagamaan, 1(2), 121-131.


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