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This paper aims to discuss career guidance services from collaborative intervention approaches between institutions and students, as well as families by looking at and practising cognitive aspects, strengthening student self-effcacy or high self-effcacy learners determine students’ positive perspectives on career planning. Strengthening self-effcacy consists of three levels of diffculty, generality and strength. Someone is said to have self-effcacy, if faced with the three aspects above, the higher the self-effcacy possessed by individuals or students, the higher the likelihood that individuals will gain achievements in their careers and prepare for their careers, but in the implementation of career guidance it involves more the family member also participates in the intervention or as a supporter of career planning through collaborative career guidance that emphasizes the basic concepts of collaborative career guidance, principles of collaborative career guidance and implementation that can be done by counsellors with parents in an effort to help strengthen student career planning.


Career Guidance Collaborative Self Effcacy

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Nulhakim, L., & ibnukhalilulloh, M. (2018). KONSEP BIMBINGAN KARIR KOLABORATIF MELALUI PENGUATAN EFIKASI DIRI. Al-Tazkiah : Jurnal Bimbingan Dan Konseling Islam, 7(2), 124-141.