1. General Author Guidelines.

Manuscript to be submitted to IQTISHADUNA by online submission at E-Journal address:

If author have any problems on the submission process, please contact us. The article submitted is the author’s orginal work and free of plagiarism also not yet published in other journal. Journal Iqtishaduna invites authors to submit the articles that focus in the study of Islamic Economic and Islamic Finance.

2. Manuscript Template.

Manuscript should be prepared according to the guideline of the article template.

3. Review of Manuscripts.

Submitted paper is independently reviewed by two reviewers with blind review. The decision for accepting and rejection is based upon reviewer reports/recommendation.

4. Revision of Manuscripts.

Manuscript sent back to the author for revision should be returned to the editor. Revised manuscript can be sent through the Online Submission Interface: or through email:

5. Guideline for Online Submission:

  • Step 1 – Starting submission
  • Step 2 – Uploading submission
  • Step 3 – Entering submission metadata
  • Step 4 – Uploading supplementary file (optional)
  • Step 5 – Confirming Submission

6. Author Fee

Journal Iqtishaduna is open access journal which free of charges for each article that submitted in Iqtishaduna. 

7. User Rights.

Articles published in Open Access will be immediately free for everyone to read and download.

8. Manuscript Preaparation.

Structure of the manuscript should follow the format below:

  1. Title
  2. Author’s name, institution, email.
  3. Abstract and keywords.
  4. Introduction
  5. Methodology
  6. Result and discussion.
  7. Conclusion
  8. References
  9. Appendix (optional).

9. Citation from Quran and Hadith

Citation from the holy Quran and Hadith should be followed by the Chapter then the Verse in the parentheses (ie Q.s Al-Baqarah: 130). Citation from Hadith should be followed by narrator (ie H.r. al-Bukhari and Muslim) then added by the Hadith Book (ie Kutub al-Tis’ah).