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Politea (P-ISSN: 2654-847X E-ISSN : 2715-1166) is an open-access journal with peer-reviewed principles published twice a year (June and December) by The Islamic Political Thought Program, Faculty of Usuluddin and Religious Studies, Islamic State University of Mataram. Politea Journal contains the study and research used the ‘Horizon Ilmu’ approach, a scientific tradition promoted by UIN Mataram, which based on the implementation of integration-interconnection and internalization between interdisiplinary studies.
Politea aims to publish and promote the integrative-interconnected ideas about: The comparative-collaborative study between Islamic political philosophy and Western political philosophy, The study of political theory and the study of government under the influence of Islamic values (study of the main theory, and sociological studies and research within the scope of the political system, social studies and review of current issues, praxis-empirical studies and research).

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