The manuscript submitted should focus on contemporary religious social issues in Indonesia:

  • This article is the original article or review article
  • It is the author’s original work rather than plagiarism
  • The article has not been published or is not in the process to be sent to other journal.  
  • Abstract is written in English and Indonesian, maximally 200-250 words respectively.  
  • The article’s length is 3,000-6,000 words
  • The article is typed in MS-Word file format and using Sangkép template that can be downloaded here.
  • The reference is organized referring to APA Style
  • The resource author uses body note

Abstract     Content: brief statement about the research, method, result, conclusion, and recommendation to related institution. Type in Microsoft Word 6.0, Cambria (Headings), 10pt, single space, 150-200 words. 

Introduction   Manuscripts are typed neatly, using good, correct, and standard Indonesian, also in accordance with the style of the environment Sangkep: Jurnal Kajian Sosial Keagamaan. Systematics of writing refers to the Head of LIPI Regulation No. 04 / E / 2012, regarding the Guidelines for Scientific Papers, the writing was prepared using 14pt Cambria (Headings) for the title, 11 pt for the body of the manuscript, and 10pt for abstracts, source writing in tables, and reference libraries. Reference libraries written according to the systematic American Psychological Association (APA) can use software such as: Mendeley, Zotero, Endnotes. 

Methods    The research method column may not be included, but if it is a research result it must be stated. Includes an explanation of the approach model, for example surveys, case studies, experiments, Participation Action research (PAR) followed by techniques (selection of respondents / samples; informants; analysis) and tools used in the implementation of the research conducted. For example for data collection using a questionnaire, teast, interview guide, observation guide, check list and anecdotal record. For quantitative data analysis tools, use the product moment correlation formula, regression, chi-square, or use SPSS software, including the location and time of research.

Result and Discussion How to Write Chapters (Heading)

Sub Heading Level 1

Written in the format: capital each word, bold, Cambria 11pt font, multiple spaces. The distance between Heading Level 1, which is 1.15 spaces.

Sub Heading Level 2

Written in the format: Capitalized Each Word, right aligned, bold, Cambria 11pt font, multiple spaces. The distance between Heading levels 2-3, which is 6pt.

Conclusions Conclusions are not a summary, but what are the implications of your research, include recommendations or suggestions in your conclusions.