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Vol 3 No 2 (2020): Edulangue: Journal of English Language Education

This second edition of Edulangue, December 2020, receives a number of articles with some being rejected, and accepts only seven most appropriately written manuscripts. The selections of the manuscripts were based on the use of current theories of L2 instruction and following the current trend in the literature. The articles accepted cover various issues, which include perceptions of Pre-service teachers on TBLT, use of Islamic songs, visual method for Literacy instruction, Podcast use for Islamic expressions, self-repair strategies of EFL learners, and Bloom Taxonomy based-Flipped learning. The contributors come from various tertiary institutions across the Indonesian archipelago from Sumatra, Java and Lombok. It is expected that this edition contributes to the current body of knowledge and practices in realm of English language teaching and learning. Finally, Edulangue editorial board would like to express sincere gratitude toward the authors, editors, reviewers, and all the parties involved in the publication of this edition, not to mention the State Islamic University of Mataram.

Published: 2020-12-28
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