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Vol 4 No 1 (2021): Edulangue: Journal of English Language Education

The current issue, Vol 4. No. 1, June 2021, receives several submissions with over ten being rejected. Seven most publishable papers were selected based on the use of current theories of L2 instruction, writing styles, and trends. The articles accepted cover various issues, which include effect of TBLT on ESP instruction, needs analysis of locally embedded English curriculum, literacy strategies on the character education and English competence, intercultural communication, EFL teachers’ beliefs on learner autonomy in online classrooms, self-regulated learning in an extensive reading classroom, and the efficacy of Digital Story Telling (DST) on writing and speaking skills. All the manuscripts are authored by Indonesian scholars from across the archipelago.

It is expected that this edition contributes to the current body of knowledge and practices in the realm of English language teaching and learning.

Finally, Edulangue editorial board would like to express sincere gratitude toward the authors, editors, reviewers, and all the parties involved in the publication of this edition, not to mention the State Islamic University of Mataram.


Published: 2021-06-30
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