El-'Umdah (P-ISSN: 2623-2529 E-ISSN : 2714-5573)  as a study of the al-Qur’an or the Interpretation is not constantly to always be discussed along with the development of time and time with the aim to provide answers to classic and contemporary issues. The Al-Qur'an is actually final (finished) but how is the understanding of the Koran that is required to adjust the era and place of the El-ʻUmdah Journal is a journal under the auspices of the Department of al-Qur'an and Tafsir (IQT) , Ushuluddin faculty and Religious Studies, Mataram State Islamic University (UIN).

1. The article should be typed in one space, font time new romance with size 12 pt, except in the direct quotation and footnotes with a size of 10 pt.
2. The article should cover the abstract in English (150-200 words).
3. The article must include the keyword (3-7 words).
4. Local and foreign words must be written italic. Arabic words must follow Arabic transliteration guidelines.
All articles must be submitted by Submission Online at the e-Journal address of the Portal: https://journal.uinmataram.ac.id/index.php/el-umdah/index. Where the author registers as a writer and/or is offered as an online Reviewer.

Articles must be prepared according to the following author guidelines in MS Word article templates or in PDF

Each paper sent independently reviewed by at least two peer-reviewer (Double-blind). Decisions for publication, amendment, or rejection are based on their reports/recommendations. If two or more reviewers consider the article to be unsuitable for publication in this journal, a statement explaining the basis of the decision will be sent to the author within three months of the date of submission.

El-'umdah does not charge the author for submitting, processing and publishing articles. All article publication process is free of charge. Readers can read and download full text articles for free.

The author must first register as a writer and/or be offered as a Reviewer via the following address: https://journal.uinmataram.ac.id/index.php/el-umdah/index. The author must fulfill the form as detailed as possible where the star signed form should be entered. After all form textboxes are filled, the author clicks the "Register " button to continue registration. Therefore, the author is taken to an online author's delivery interface where the author has to click on the "New Submission". In the Start a New Submission section, go to the first step of the five-step submission process. Here are five steps in the online submission process.